Don Giovanni, Houston Grand Opera

“Although Don Ottavio is given two of the most demanding tenor arias
in all of opera, young Puerto Rican tenor Joel Prieto glides through
them with amazing breath control and sweet, sweet tone. The character
is a real puppy dog, content to wait until Anna comes around, and not
fully believing that a nobleman such as Giovanni could be the beast
she accuses him of being. Prieto’s plangent singing conveys innocence
and a young man’s ardor, managing to make whipped Ottavio fully
rounded and almost believable.”
Houston Press January 28, 2013

“Joel Prieto’s bright and illustrious tenor instrument is perfectly
employed in his portrayal of Don Ottavio.” January 27, 2013

“Joel Prieto’s HGO debut proves persuasive in portraying Don Ottavio.
His voice was perfectly that of a faithful young lover: sweet, clear,
and forceful.” January 26, 2013.

“Joel Prieto sang with grace and fluency as Anna’s sweetheart, Don Ottavio.”
Houston Chronicle January 28, 2013

“Don Ottavio sung with precise enunciation and clarity by Joel Prieto.” January 28, 2013